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Day1: Welcome Early Worms!
adolf hitler: join the reich Aug 4, 2016 0:50:32 GMT
Dianthe Bouquet: Uber whats your ign Jan 6, 2015 18:55:35 GMT
UberTuber: I was getting killed multiple times by people with blue names (One of them named Skate something or other) and I wasn't even doing anything. I started saying that they were abusing their privelages and got banned. Jan 5, 2015 0:14:21 GMT
UberTuber: I was banned for no reason. Jan 5, 2015 0:13:10 GMT
UberTuber: Hello. Jan 5, 2015 0:12:58 GMT
hunterjavens: anyine that sees this tell bones not dianthe Jan 2, 2015 20:15:46 GMT
hunterjavens: im concerend why Jan 2, 2015 20:05:01 GMT
hunterjavens: but Jan 2, 2015 20:04:51 GMT
hunterjavens: idk who banned me Jan 2, 2015 20:04:49 GMT
hunterjavens: i was banned for no reason Jan 2, 2015 20:04:40 GMT
hunterjavens: bones Jan 2, 2015 20:04:34 GMT
vitaspy: I hope you will all have a great 2015 :) Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2015 23:57:43 GMT
darkangel2319: is admin bonesdog Jan 1, 2015 20:49:28 GMT
Admin: Server crashed while I was sleeping.. I setup a script that should prevent this from now on. Jan 1, 2015 8:08:08 GMT
hunterjavens: Im not sure if the servers down Jan 1, 2015 5:58:31 GMT
katzkune: is the server down? Jan 1, 2015 4:23:02 GMT
cheezeman1997: Happy New Years to all may you have a safe New Years! Jan 1, 2015 4:03:26 GMT
cheezeman1997: Also some good plug-ins I suggest are Timber-Idk if its called that, but it allow all trees to drop.- I have other things but I need to add you via skype to tell you personally/privately to you if you would allow it. Jan 1, 2015 3:09:50 GMT
cheezeman1997: Can not seem to get on the server... Is it just me? Jan 1, 2015 3:03:56 GMT
skater3030: Good sever, really fun and everyone is nice to you. The staff always try there best to help everyone who need help. :D Dec 31, 2014 4:00:52 GMT
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